As the tenacious struggle for skilled manpower continues, organizations encounter a recurrent challenge to shape and nurture the essential skill set. With this thought in mind, Vaayuja came up with an innovative offering - Train and Deploy - to bridge the gap to describe the current IT trends.

At Vaayuja, the Train and Deploy model is a lasting assurance to providing economically-priced and trained personnel that result in a well-timed, safe, and workable return on investment for our clients. This offering is particularly designed for our clients who have been our valued customers over the last couple of years

and have trusted us with their recruitment initiatives. In addition, we also welcome clients who constantly go through cumbersome challenges in finding new staff to be trained in specific skillset before they come onboard.

Our Train and Deploy model works exceedingly well for clients who have a mammoth demand for a specific skillset, but are not able to source the required talent from the market. In such scenarios, we step in to make their lives simpler by offering them a substitute sourcing stratagem in the form of the Train and Deploy model. In the process, we carefully identify apposite contenders from several sources and put them through our rigorous assessment processes, train them with the aid of personalized training content, and present them to the clients as individuals who can outstrip the rest of the world on any project. Our training package is designed to precision, thereby warranting that the selected candidates are well-equipped to accomplish the organizational objectives with negligible settling-in time once they are onboard.

  • Deployed more than 200 T&D resources to Tier 1,2,3 companies
  • Helps to save substantial costs over a considerable time span
  • Offers hassle-free and constant pipeline of competent professionals
  • Extends multi-skill training for cross-functional fitments
  • Commendably handles attrition, background verification, and employment statutory
  • Provides plug-and-play model for easy startup
  • Presents client-specific model that can be tailored to suit the needs
  • Effective monitoring of the quality of training
  • Provides project-specific training and assessment
  • Ensures appropriate backup plans in case of emergencies