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Vaayuja IT solutions Ltd is set up by highly skilled and talented entrepreneurs. IT has 25 years of cumulative technological experience with a varied spectrum of clients from startups to Fortune 50 companies. We understand your needs are unique and so is our approach and you can trust us in our capacity to understand your needs. Our vision is to make HR services more genuine, credible and efficient. As an employer you can envision excellent results by selecting and employing the best talent. And at the same time potential candidates can look forward to being hired by rewarding and promising employers.

We do not consider any candidate, client, or project as a fire and forget missile. We believe in partnerships that last longer and grow stronger. We take pride in saying that we are the automatic choice for many well-reputed companies because of our high service quality,



Permanent Recruitment

For any organization, talent is the biggest asset and one of the biggest variable factors.


Lateral Hiring

Ensuring the right talent for your job is the primary aim of Vaayuja. Since the demand



As the tenacious struggle for skilled manpower continues, organizations encounter


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Create your resume from scratch, although you have one. A resume is a document that helps you make the first impression. So why not redesign with all the latest achievements and work experience? Spruce up your resume and give the manager a reason to stick around longer.
Being with a recruiting agency is like being to school again where you are groomed for your professional journey. When a lot of thinking goes into choosing a good school, why should you overlook on choosing the right agency? Do your homework before jumping into the bandwagon of enrolling with a recruitment agency. After all, your time is your only currency and you need to spend it wisely.
Be it face to face or telephonic interview, like any other test, it has its own dynamics. Get experts’ help or do it on your own, preparation can take you a long way in the process by having the edge over other applicants and lock into a job offer.
Not every person can crack the exam or interview the very first time. It is all permutation and combination of the suitability of candidature, your expectations, and aspirations. Set realistic goals and work your way around by improvising yourself with feedback from employees and friends.