How should you choose a good recruiting agency?

How should you choose a good recruiting agency?

The very first go-to place to search for a job online for a newbie jobseeker most probably would be a job search portal. Imagine such a site receiving thousands of applications in a day for a post and all redirected to the company, which may or may not have a dedicated team of professionals to filter them and pick the best talent. Quite a scary situation right, particularly when someone direly needs a job that is the right one for them. This is where hiring agencies managed by experts in recruiting come into the rescue. However, the catch lies in choosing the right one, otherwise, the cure might turn out worse than the disease.

Here are some ways to guide you get through choosing a good agency

Experience counts:
Check for how long the agency has been in the business, who are their clients and if they work for people from your field of interest Some agencies are great headhunters in certain fields and it makes little sense to knock at the wrong door when it comes to the most important decision of your career.

Do a background check:
Most of the agencies are digitally present and it is very easy to run a quick check on their credentials on the internet. Go through the reviews by other applicants on websites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn to gain a fair idea of their reputation in the hiring process.

Accountability matters:
Agencies do not charge from the applicants and that leaves some doubts in the minds of students over their accountability. The fact is that they charge from clients for the candidates they source. Agencies have to be super-efficient in picking the right candidate to keep up with their reputation. Some agencies operate in the dark keeping the applicant blind to which clients they are referring to or sometimes they do not have a proper understanding of the work culture or operations of their client's company. All these issues add up to decide whether we can trust the agency.

Get peer group support: There is nothing like genuine information that you get from the people who have been on the ordeal before. Get in touch with such people through social media and ask them to share their experiences at the agency. With this, you will make a reasonable assessment if they stand for what they advertise.

Do they really talk to you?
The role of the agency goes far beyond facilitating the recruitment process. A good recruiter spends an ample amount of time knowing about the candidate, identify their unique skills and abilities either mentioned in the resume or otherwise. They ideally should guide the applicants in choosing the right position. Practices like holding candid face-to-face interviews, showing interest in your previous work experience and hobbies, are pleasant signs of genuine engagement and interest being shown in the applicant.

How much help you will get through your hiring process
Hiring agencies should help you through the entire process of hiring from advising to helping you negotiate the salary. They should be facilitators and not push you into accepting a position that you do not prefer to pursue. All that they should do is nudge you through the process only to let you find your feet and not fall.